Discover AgeTech at

CES 2024

January 9-12

Las Vegas

Booth #53623 and #54223
Venetian Expo Level 2
Halls A-D

The AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP® is showcasing groundbreaking AgeTech innovations at CES 2024. Visit our 12,000 square foot booth to see what’s next from our portfolio startups, and experience the Samsung Health House, MIT AgeLab Empathy Lounge, FreeStyle+, and live podcast recordings. Plus, catch 4 days of workshops, fireside chats with CEOs, and interactive programming at our booth stage.

Event schedule

Join us at Booth #54223 for daily programming, including fireside chats and panel discussions with longevity experts, as well as interactive performances from Freestyle+ and AgeTech Jeopardy. Watch this space for exciting updates on speakers, programming and more.

Join us at Booth #54223

Discover our booth experiences

Experience the power of AgeTech innovation firsthand in Samsung Health’s Living Lab, MIT AgeLab’s Empathy Lounge, and flex your mental muscles with FreeStyle+

Scenes from CES 2023

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