Kelvin Summoogum

Founder and CEO, MiiCare

Kelvin is an entrepreneur and inventor who started his first business at the age of 13 and had 2 modest exits, one in technology and one in real estates. Kelvin left a career of 22 years as a management consultant to start MiiCare, a digital health start-up supporting older adults to live a safer, healthier and happier life at home. His inspiration behind MiiCare stems from his personal experience of losing his father from multiple chronic conditions. He has since dedicated the last 8 years of his life to create the technology and team behind MiiCare. His relentless pursuit to help as many older adults around the world to better manage their chronic conditions and extend their healthspan is his true life’s purpose. Kelvin is also an associate Professor in Healthy Ageing with an interest in the symbiotic relationship between placemaking and pervasive technologies in support of ageing in place. He is particularly recognised for his contributions to the designs of Salutogenic homes, a concept which he has been pioneering over the past 8 years.

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