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77% of older adults want to age at home. How can innovation help them?

Welcome to the Samsung Health House, a collaborative showcase featuring 10 startup companies from AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP®’s portfolio of 120+ AgeTech solutions. Samsung Health provides enabling technology and solutions for AgeTech startups that demonstrate the power of its ecosystem to deliver connected and sustainable healthcare experiences centered around aging at home.

Explore the house and the technology in each room:

Living Room

Samsung TV

Elevate your viewing with stunning 4K visuals and immersive audio. Experience shows, movies, health programs and wellness classes in vibrant color.

Last Gameboard

Gameboard unites tradition and tech to redefine tabletop gaming — creating unforgettable, interactive experiences for every generation.

Tembo Health

Tembo Health guides seniors and caregivers living with dementia in their care, goals and overall quality of life.


Samsung Refrigerator

Family Hub™ lets you see inside your smart refrigerator, search for healthy recipes and shop for groceries. Plus, you can manage your household’s meals and activities, set reminders and leave notes.

Samsung Microwave

This large capacity, countertop microwave features our Sensor Cooking options, which provide optimal cooking results for great and easy home meals.


The SingFit digital health platform turns your smart home into a therapeutic music studio.

Talli Care One-Touch Tracker

Configurable, one-touch tracking for medications, symptoms, toileting -and more.


MiiCare is the OS of preventative home-based care, empowering older adults via its AI coach and equipping caregivers with data-driven wisdom.


Dawn House Bed

The Dawn House Bed is an integrated sleep system that offers aging adults, and people with changing needs, the opportunity to stay at home safely.


Ompractice is an online preventative health and well-being company that combines technology and evidence-based wellness practices that are suitable for all ages and life experiences.

Xandar Kardian XK300-h

Xandar Kardian is a health data company focused on ambient vital sign monitoring, sensor-powered by radar technology (FDA cleared), which collects data continuously, compliance free.


ZIBRIO Stability Home Scale

Zibrio’s AI-powered Stability home scale measures your balance and predicts if you will fall in the next 12 months.

The Heart Seat

Casana’s FDA-cleared Heart Seat measures heart rate and blood oxygenation, with pending clearance for non-invasive blood pressure.